Monday, March 10, 2014

“Above All Is You” #TheSweetSeries – A Poetry Series by STYLEZ

10309026_10152457487686424_7342162047102284918_nI have known my wife, Alexis, for over 20 years, and in those years we have been friends, lovers, spouses, parents and now grandparents! But one thing has not changed in that time, I have always adored her and felt blessed to have her in my life! She has always been a beacon for my love and has always been a SWEET reminder that no matter what, we can do it, no matter what IT is! To express all the many feelings I have for my Sweet (my pet name for her), I have decided to write a series of poems and affirmations. I present to you… #TheSweetSeries

Above All Is You

by STYLEZ, #TheSweetSeries

My Life,
My Love,
My Heart,
My Focus,
My Charity,
My Attitude,
My Solitude,
My Beginning,
My Happiness,
My Dedication,
My Revelation,
My Conscience,
My Inspiration,
My Intelligence,
Above all, is YOU!

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