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Forty One Years To Life … W. Stylez

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Part 1 of 5 in a series on AGE by Willie Stylez

Definition of AGE (according to Merriam-Webster)

1. the time of life at which some particular qualification, power, or capacity arises or rests <the voting age is 18>; specifically : majority

2. one of the stages of life

3. the length of an existence extending from the beginning to any given time <a boy 10 years of age>

4. lifetime

5. an advanced stage of life

Age is such a relative term! I am AT AN AGE where I feel wise, humble, tolerant and successful. But MY AGE is an ever increasing number; technically… be continued on

So What Does STYLEZ Think?

I am currently featured on the blog "It's Me... Mr. Tramuel" as a guest blogger. I am honored to join a select group of AMAZING bloggers who are all wishing Mr. Tramuel a happy birthday, by discussing the topic of AGE on his blog! An excerpt of my post is above, and I hope that you click that link and read the rest of PART 1 of my 5 PART series! The rest of the series will be here on my blog! Also check out the other bloggers' postings on Age!

That is what Stylez thinks! I hope you enjoy, and let me know in the comments what you think about the series!

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