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You want to stop snoring – Start Exercising (plus other tips as well!)

You want to stop snoring – Start Exercising

If you have a lot of extra fat, and you snore, you need to exercise. Heavy people are more likely to snore than people who are not heavy.Excess fat tissues on your neck can cause your airways to collapse due to the pressure put on them.  Snoring might be a joke to your family and friends as well as affect someone besides you, who is trying to sleep.  But snoring is also a serious issue.

Previously this issue of snoring affected mostly men. Now women are snoring is well.  You wan to nip this in the bud. You don’t want to start having sleep apnea.  That can be a more serious issue. 

How you sleep also affects snoring.  If you slept on your back it can cause the tissues on the throat to relax, making you produce snoring sounds Try changing your position while sleeping. Find a position where your breathing is better and easier. But people with severe snoring problems snore in any position. 

There is a trick you can try with a tennis ball. You can put a tennis ball in a sock and put it in the back of your pajamas near the waist.  This will force you not to lie on your back.  You can also elevate the bed. Put the head of your bed 4 inches. higher.  You might be able to breathe easier

Eliminate smoking and you will have a better chance of a snoring solution.  Eliminate alcohol, antihistamines sleeping pills.  Dairy products and soy milk products can stop mucus from being drained.  This can keep the mucus in your throat and can cause snoring.

Try the tips mentioned. Whether they help you stop snoring or not, having a better diet and exercising will generally keep you healthy and fit. If your snoring continues, you might want to see a medical doctor before this gets to be a more serious issue.


I am a great example of the fact that excercise definitely works for eliminating snoring! My wife always complains about my snoring. Which is funny because I have spent quite a few nights awake listening to her snore, so I always thought she may just be hearing herself! But a few times, I have caught myself doing it! So, now that I have lost 40 pounds, I am getting a lot less complaints from her and she even mentioned that since I have lost some weight, I snore a lot less often! So, definitely, lose the weight, stop smoking, so no to milk or antihistamines before bed, and your housemates will definitely thank you for it in the morning! :)

That is what Stylez thinks, what do you think? Post your comments, experiences and tips!

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