Friday, September 4, 2009

Twit-Bookin The Obama School Address Poll on Facebook! I can't believe the comments!

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Should President Obama be allowed to do a nationwide address to school children without parental consent?


26,187 (31.1%)

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54,207 (64.4%)

I don't care

3,719 (4.4%)


I didn't expect this many people to really say no, but then again, I REALLY didn't expect to see so many ignorant and uneducated comments either! One thing these "NO" people fail to realize is that just about EVERY OTHER modern-era president of this country (including their beloved George W. Bush, who killed thousands of our soldiers!) has addressed this nation WITHOUT their consent, their parent's consent, their grandparents consent, their great-grandparent's consent, etc! No matter how much somebody hated, disliked or disagreed with the president at the time, that president still go to have his say to Americans, young or old! I remember sitting in a classroom as a child, watching Pres. Reagan address the youth! I remember George Bush doing the same thing! What I don't remember (because it didn't happen) was my parents getting a choice in the matter! And believe me, my parents DID NOT agree with either of those presidents! So people, GET OVER IT, and let Pres Obama have his turn!

That's what Stylez thinks, what do you think?

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