Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Twit-Bookin good days!

Well, I am at home from work, got back pretty early, around 6PM! It was a pretty busy day, but nothing ya boy Stylez can't handle! So, what are you up too? I'm still mad cuz my sister, Edna (aka Leanbac Bfore-u Falbac) deleted her Facebook page! Some idiots ran her off! But that's ok, I started a new group dedicated to bringing her back to FB! So make sure you check it out, and rep Ms. Leanbac! I just worked out too. My wife worked out without me, she did some Leslie Sansone, PowerWalk @ Home! So I had to get down with the get down and do some Arms, Legs and Abs (I do Abs everytime)! Anyway, I am sittin here @ 1AM writing this, about to go to bed, but I needed to listen to some music! So I got my Twit-Bookin ON, found some HOT tracks, and queued them up! Make sure you look for those! Anyway, I better get back to the music, and then get me some rest! Until then, continue to check out your boy Stylez, the Twit-Bookin King! HOLLA!

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