Saturday, January 5, 2013


Well, actually, I guess you could call it a comeback!! That’s right, I’m back and I’m hoping to be more consistent with my Blog and Tumblr postings! Let’s start from the beginning…

2011 saw the death of my father-in-law, an AMAZING, GENEROUS, KIND, PATIENT, WISE, WONDERFUL man who helped… take that back… he DID raise my children, especially the older 4 from birth!!! He was instrumental in the success, progress and stability of my family long before I even became involved with my wife in 2001! Well, all that came to an end on November 16, 2011 when Iran Milo Wasson; Grandfather, Father, Mentor, Teacher, Brother, Uncle, Friend, Confidante, Traveler, Thinker, Music Lover, Historian, etc, etc, etc; passed away from complications with colon cancer.

This began the transition, which actually began long before that, but was at that time, smack right in my face! It was the moment, my father-in-law and my own father, Alexander Williams Jr., another AMAZING, KIND, HARD-WORKING, PASSIONATE, STUBBORN yet ULTRA SMART man had been preparing me for! They were my blueprints to success as a father and leader of my family! I had to step up and do whatever it took, make sacrifices, make the right moves, etc… to raise and take care of my children the best way I could!

I asked myself for weeks… was I ready, how was I going to make this work, I had a new job, a lot of financial pressures, a business I needed to figure out what to do with… but then it happened! Jehovah stepped in! Between November 2011 and May 2012, life seemed to be on fast forward and slow motion at the same time… but things just came together! My job worked with me to make sure I could be there for my family and especially my children! My finances miraculously came together as I took on the right jobs and assignments to get what I needed, of course not all I wanted, but definitely just what I needed to get financially stable again even with substantial losses I took in 2010 and 2011! It all came together! All I could do was thank Jehovah, through his son Jesus Christ, for all the blessings I was receiving!

The rest of 2012 went quite well for my family, and even through a few struggles here and there, we came out of it renewed and strong! So with that, I felt the time was now to start reanalyzing what I was doing with my time, my goals, and my world! So what I came up with… I won’t really reveal now… but what I will say, is I’ve made some decisions (NOT resolutions), to reshape and refocus some goals and tasks that I may have neglected in 2012.

One of which is my blogging. I haven’t written a good posting since June 2012, and even before that, it was sporadic at best! So here’s my refocused goal…

-          Blog, write, surmise, meditate on some THING, TOPIC, PERSON, ACTIVITY… SOMETHING! And WRITE!!!

-          It may not be daily, maybe not even weekly, but try to have something out there on a semi-regular basis… just to let you all know… I’m STILL Willie Stylez… I’m STILL here… I’m STILL relevant!

And with that being said... LET’S GO!!!

And That Is What STYLEZ Thinks! What do you think? Please comment, make suggestions, or just say WELCOME BACK STYLEZ!  

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