Sunday, February 13, 2011


So What Does STYLEZ Think?

OK, I had to just take a deep breath... I was on Facebook and saw a couple people talking about this Ni--... well, individual, called Omarion... and his ridiculous notion that he should even BREATHE on this CLASSIC track by Jodeci! Now, I don't usually trip when (real) singers decide to remake songs. I mean, I think it's awesome when the youth take hold of something we enjoyed in the past and try to bring it to the forefront for their peers. I think it's (usually) an honorable thing! HOWEVER, back to this (ignorant, inconsiderate, tone-def) ... guy. Let's see, where do I begin with this "review":
1. his voice is HORRID on this song. I actually like Omarion (sometime), but his "singing" (or lack thereof) was ATROCIOUS!
2. the lyrics were JUST FINE before this ignorant M... clown a... uh, guy, decided to "change it up" and put his own little spin on it! I mean, where they do that at? Apparently in the back of Chris Stokes' pleasure palace... uh, I mean, studio (sorry, didn't mean to STOKE those fires on the uhhh, rumors! LOL!)
3. The video and audio are SUPER WACK! ... yea... NUFF SAID
4. Classics should be left alone when you don't know what the heck you're doing! I mean, it's one thing to one to pay homage, it's another when you just want to destroy something that didn't ask to be destroyed! Now little kids are going to be all confused and "liking" THIS garbage! SMDH!
What more can I say? Just this... Omarion leave well enough alone next time, your career is already in shambles, you are already suspect, just give it up and leave real music to the real musicians! HOLLA!

That is what Stylez thinks! What do you think? Please comment.

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